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Oncology, Surgical, Neurology, Cardiology,

Women's Health, Eye Care, Wound Care, Pain Management


Sales Leadership, Marketing, National Accounts, Account Managers, Associates, Consultants and more


Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Aesthetics, Biotechnology, Dental


About Us

Alliant Search Consultants (ASC) is a recruiting and consulting service provider that assists organizations with personnel solutions with more than 600 affiliates nationwide. We specialize in the healthcare industry by matching our client's unique individual needs with the best candidates based on their skill sets and abilities. Our mission is to personalize each search and provide long-term positive changes for our clients and candidates. We pride ourselves on connecting the right people with opportunities to ensure quality over quantity placements. We are committed to your success and be your trusted partner for talent acquisition.

The healthcare industry is fiercely competitive, so you can't afford to waste time and resources. We are a team of experienced award-winning sales leaders of over 20 years in the medical industry with expertise in building and scaling global organizations ranging from large to small. Our core values are built on our strong work ethic and consistency. We are passionate about providing our customers with exceptional service and market knowledge. Our success stems from our propensity to build solid partnerships, leverage team relationships, cultivate innovation, listen to our customers, and champion change.

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